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Eat the Frog

Eat the Frog

Eating a frog. Paints a real picture doesn’t it? Ok, so we might not literally be talking about eating a frog, but rather we’re talking about those jobs on the to-do list that we just don’t want to face. It's almost like when you’re a child and there’s that one food on your plate that you can’t stand or don’t want to eat. My parents used to say, “Eat that bit first to get it out of the way!” Every to-do list has that one job that you don’t want to do, but here’s what Brian Tracy, writer of ‘Eat the Frog’ has to say about keeping on track with our to do list. The message is simple, sometimes there are jobs on our to-do list that need to be approached like eating a frog. Get it done first, so you don’t spend half of your day thinking or worrying about it.

Having said that, it never feels easy, especially when you’re getting started. Even if you’re feeling highly motivated to keep your business moving, your best plans can still get derailed.

To help you win the battle, we’ve combined the tips shared by Brian Tracy in his international bestseller “Eat that Frog: 21 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time” with our own tried-and-tested productivity tips to give you the productivity short cut you deserve.