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Make sure your website is optimised with our 7 point Homepage Audit

With more than half of consumers moving their spending online in 2020 (Shopify - Future of Commerce, 2020), it's never been more vital for your website to stand out from the crowd and deliver an excellent customer experience.

Now more than ever, consumers are actively looking to support small to medium sized businesses and you can ensure you are competing for their online custom by optimising your website homepage with our 7 point audit. 

By reviewing the following 7 elements of your homepage we'll be able to identify if you are clearly communicating the solution to the problem your target customer is looking for, what's working and where there are areas for improvement.

We've used CoSchedule, who provide work management software for marketers, as an example of best practice. 

Top Section

Ideal state: The headline/sub-headline, supporting imagery, and call to action immediately and clearly answer the questions: Who is this for? What problem does it solve? What do I need to do next?

Top Section - CoSchedule


Ideal state: Main image positions the customer as the hero and clearly demonstrates the ideal “After” state of the target market. All additional images support the themes and messages in the sale copy.

Top Menu

Ideal state: The company logo is visible, navigation is limited to the bare essentials, and the primary call to action holds a prominent position on the top-right of the page.

Top Menu - CoSchedule

Call to Action

Ideal State: The page maintains a consistent primary and secondary call to action and repeats these CTAs at least 3 times on the page (Top Menu, Above the Fold, Below the Fold). CTA copy is clear and compelling, and the visitor knows the EXACT action they need to take (e.g. click a button, fill out a form, call a number, etc.) to progress to the next step.

CTA- CoSchedule

The Body

Ideal State: Text, images, and video clearly and succinctly expand on HOW the product/service works, WHO will benefit, and WHAT the visitor needs to do next. The sections are clearly labeled, and the copy is compelling and persuasive. 

Body - CoSchedule


Ideal State: Impressive logos from existing customers are featured prominently on the page, and additional customer stories and quotes are either visible or immediately accessible from the home page.

Trust - CoSchedule


Ideal State: In addition to all important and essential information (i.e. expanded navigation, physical address, links to Contact Us, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, etc.), the footer also serves as a resource directory for flagship content and case studies.

Footer - CoSchedule

How does it work?

Complete the form below to arrange a free 30 minute strategy session. We'll rate the 7 key elements of your homepage on a scale of Exceptional to Unsatisfactory, and once complete will provide you with a strategy to improve your homepage, convert more customers and achieve your business growth goals. 

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