Is your website mobile friendly? A beginners guide

In case you missed the news, Google have made some big changes to their search algorithms for 2017. This gives us a lot of things to be thinking about to keep our websites up to date and working well. Let's have a quick.

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Why Choosing Flywheel Hosting Will Make You Smile

Are you unhappy with your current website host? Is your website slow and underperforming? Are you fed up of dealing with hacked sites, failed updates and poor customer service?

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4 things to look for in a design agency

If you found this article, then maybe you've already decided that you need to invest some money into your online presence. This could be a new website, an advertising campaign or maybe you just need someone to look.

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6 Reasons why a cheap website is a bad investment

Ever had that feeling when you bought something that was cheap only to discover later that there was a reason it was cheap! Yeah, me too - and that's why if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. This is.

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How Website Speed Impacts Conversion

A delay on your website as little as one second can have a big impact on customer satisfaction, the number of page views and can have a detrimental impact on your business. This infographic, courtesy of

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Does my Wordpress website need cookie consent?

Wordpress Cookie Consent I was recently asked by a client if it was necessary to add a cookie consent message to their Wordpress website. If you are reading this with the same question, the short answer is maybe!

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Why does my website need maintenance?

Building your website on the WordPress platform has many advantages, such as adding additional features to your website such as eCommerce and social media integrations. It is also great for customers who want to be able.

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